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Saying I Love You in Korean

If you connect with a Korean lady and you like her or think she’s beautiful you need to be able to tell her right? It can be intimidating enough for some of us when the girl speaks English like us, but what can you do if you’ve just met the Korean lady of your dreams and don’t know how to let her know how you feel?

You’re going to find that even though the Korean language is difficult for Americans, it’s really pretty simple to at least pick up some useful phrases which you can use to impress your Korean lady. And when using these phrases, even if not pronounced perfectly, your Korean lady will be so happy that you’ve gone ahead and learned her language.

These are several basic phrases that will assist you to determine how your Korean girl feels and will inform her exactly you feel as well. There’s no reason to let your differences in language block you from speaking the language of love – in Korean.

Sa rang hae yo (당신을 사랑합니다) – I love you
Dang-sin-eun a-reum-da-wo-yo (당신은 아름다워요) – You are very beautiful
Mi so ga ye po yo (당신은 멋진 미소가) – You have a nice smile
Nuh gwi yuh wuoh (너 귀여워) – You are very cute
Ku ri wo hae yo (그리워해요) – I miss you
Jwei sung ham ni da (미안 해요) – I am sorry (hopefully you won’t have to use this one too much)
Nal sa rang ha ni (당신은 날 사랑 해요) – Do you love me?
Nam ja chin gu it sso yo (당신은 남자 친구가 있었나요) – Do you have a boyfriend?
Na rang sa gwil rae yo (나랑 사귈래요) – Can you be my girlfriend?
Yong won ee sarang hae (난 영원히 당신을 사랑합니다) – I’ll love you forever
kiss hae do deol gga yo (키스해도 될까요) – Can I kiss you?
yeo bo (얘야)- sweetheart or darling

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I’m planning on finding more helpful Korean language phrases and posting them in the future. Hopefully this will get you lots of goodwill with your Korean lady and both of you will be able to share your feelings more easily. If there’s anything else you need me to write about kindly leave a comment and I’ll attempt to get whatever info you require.

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